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Service | 03/09/2013

I have bought from Jarvis twice before and appreciated the after sales service I had with some minor problems on both vehicles. So I bought from you with confidence without doing the very detailed examination of the car I might otherwise have done. Your sales person was excellent, friendly, low key but also knowledgeable. Everything possible was done to make the transaction effortless for us. And you had the car/model I was already looking for.

10 / 10

Vehicle Purchase | 29/08/2013

The staff were fantastic, I didnt expect to have my car washed and cleaned so that was a very pleasant surprise. I have never experienced better overall service from a service department before. I have already been recommending Jarvis Barossa to people.


Service | 22/08/2013

The staff are friendly and helpful and I would buy another car from them.

10 / 10

Purchase | 19/08/2013

A further problem was discovered with my car, so the staff allowed me to use a loan car to travel to Nuriootpa to conduct business for 30 minutes. I was extremely grateful. Also when I announced that I was going for a coffee whilst waiting for the car to be finished, I was given acoffee voucher to a bakery across the road. Fantastic!

9 / 10

Vehicle Service | 14/08/2013

Dear Anthony,

I just wanted to send you a quick message concerning one of your staff.

Karina Rosenzweig must be commended for her professionalism in helping me finalise the sale of my new Kizashi which by the way am very happy with.

Before I made contact with Karina I spoke to a few dealers in Adelaide which I was so disappointed with in terms of their attitude and also ability to take the time to understand my needs. This situation forced me to start to shift my business interstate.

Fortunately, I thought I'd give a South Australian dealer one more chance, but this time it was a dealer in the country. I certainly found a gem! From the initial phone contact to the last stage to seal the deal, Karina's friendly nature and understanding was a match winner!

Once I had the quote for the Kizashi from Karina... which I was very happy with, it was a race against time to get the last Kizashi in Australia that I wanted and it happened to be in the Melbourne warehouse. If we didn't get the last one, I would have had to wait until October for the next shipment which would also affect my Novated lease because the federal government has recently changed the rule.

The only way we could seal the deal for the new car was hard work. Karina certainly did that through tirelessly working hard and even working on her RDO's.

Finally, I would definitely deal with Karina and Jarvis Suzuki out at Angaston again and I have referred all my colleagues and friends onto Karina.

Well done Karina and Jarvis please, look after her because there's not many car dealers like this little gem! She deserves a million dollar pay rise!

Kind regards,

Kym Stocker




Service | 05/08/2013

Good deal on the car (happy to match another dealerships pricing) and fantastic customer service. Karina arranged to have the car brought to Adelaide as I was unable to come out to Barossa. The other 2 Jarvis personnel I spoke to (Megan at Norwood to arrange window tinting and someone on the 1800 number) were great, not at all like the pushy car sales people I'd been dealing with in the CBD. Would definitely use Barossa dealership again simply for the personality of the staff :).

10 / 10

Service | 26/07/2013

Anthony and Richard were honest (especially about what they didn't know but were prepared to look up... this really does give a sense of trustworthiness), friendly, non-patronising and reliable re agreed actions. The atmosphere was friendly without seeming insincere or overly plush! No-one was pushy. Highly professional. Well done. How does one ever know if it a "good deal"  but I felt everything was fair and well-communicated so ultimately hopefully win-win. Cheers and thanks... oh, and I love the car!

9 / 10

Purchase | 09/07/2013

I am pleased with the effort staff put in to continuing my confidence in the safe and viable mangement of my vehicle and the extent to which they will go to answer my questions and help me in such areas as seeking a stainless steel exhaust system which is far beyond the requirements of their job description.

I appreciate their attention to detail and their patience.

9 / 10

Purchase | 08/07/2013

The staff at Jarvis Barossa were extremely helpful when my lights failed to work. In a stressful situation, they put me at ease and allowed me to use a loan car when I had no other way to travel from work to home and back.

10 / 10

Purchase | 24/06/2013

We were very pleased with the way the service was carried out and the very friendly staff. We would reccomend you very highly thank you.

10 / 10

Vehicle Service | 04/04/2013

We bought our car from Fab DiBiase after being told by a work colleague of his great experience. It was pleasing that the experience of dealing with Fab was as good as we were told. In the end I drove a hard bargain with Fab and he took it all in his stride and was still smiling at the end. I would recommend everyone to go and speak with Fab!


Service | 13/03/2013

I went to every dealer in Adelaide selling Suzukis, Karina at Javis Barossa not high pressure, was helpful and genuine, made buying a car pleasant.

10 / 10

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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