Aussie Input Key To Ford (1280)

Aussie Input Key To Ford (1280)

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FORD Australia has credited the input of its local engineers in helping the Ranger one-tonne ute achieve the top spot on the new car sales list for 2023.


For the first time in its 28-year history, the Ford Ranger has nabbed the sought-after title of Australia’s number one-selling vehicle, achieving 63,356 unit sales in 2023, a 33.0 percent increase over the previous year.


The Ford Ranger beat its nearest rival by a considerable margin (2245 units), the Toyota HiLux achieving 61,111 combined unit sales across 4x2 and 4x4 segments.


According to Ford Australia president and CEO Andrew Birkic, engineers in Melbourne and Geelong contributed significantly to developing a vehicle that is a success not only in Australia but in 180 markets around the world.


“There are so many people who play a role in the success of a vehicle,” he said.


“For Ranger, that’s our team of designers, engineers, and everyone at Ford who pours their passion into making the vehicle what it is, our dealers who are passionate about serving their customers and communities, and ultimately our Ranger customers whose passion for their vehicle is what gets us up in the morning.”


“This number one spot is thanks to the combined passion of all these people. Without any one of them, the Ranger wouldn’t be where it is today.”


Mr Birkic said that since its launch in 2011, the Ranger has become more than a commercial vehicle, noting a shift in buyer tastes that sees Aussie customers using vehicles for a variety of different purposes.


“Since it debuted in 2011, Ranger has redefined the ute segment globally. It has transformed a work vehicle into one that can be used by just about anyone for anything,” he added.


“We see our customers take it to the most extreme off-road locations and then see them parking in tight city streets and unloading their groceries and kids. A Ranger is a do everything, go everywhere vehicle.”


Ford Australia says it believes the popularity of the Ranger will continue to expand as new drivelines are introduced.


From 2025, the Ranger will be available with a petrol/electric plug-in hybrid powertrain that will offer buyers up to 45km of pure electric driving, while also enabling trade and recreational buyers the means to power tools and equipment directly from the vehicle.


The new model is scheduled to enter production in late 2024 for potential delivery soon after that or early in 2025 and will provide customers with both rechargeable electric and petrol hybrid driving capabilities.


It will put Ford ahead of competitor Toyota’s forthcoming mild-hybrid HiLux (expected mid- 2024), which cannot be plugged in for a battery top up or move much on electricity alone. Mitsubishi also has a petrol-electric hybrid Triton in the pipeline, due here in 2025.

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