The all-new 2022 All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX is coming soon

With its menacing, throaty rumble and muscular stance, the Subaru WRX has risen to cult status. Roaring onto the scene, it has been revered by thrill-seeking motorsports enthusiasts, while its performance has been more than matched by advanced features usually reserved for vehicles with a luxury price tag.

For generations now the Subaru WRX has featured in car magazines, video games, and taken pride of place in garages all over Australia. The iconic Subaru WRX set the benchmark against which all other performance cars are judged, driving infatuation amongst those who own one and striking envy and desire in those who dont.

Available in both Sportswagon and Sedan, they are set to get pulses racing and stir desire deep within, as a new generation of exhilaration begins. Register your interest below for the latest news and you could be one of the first in Australia to experience the thrill of this iconic performance machine!

All-new Subaru Forester

*All 2022 WRX imagery is indicative only.

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